Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Textbook peace

Of a winding road, of bright red and green.
Leading on to a dream serene.
In a carriage of ebony, over waters surreal .
People I know, think this unreal.
A faultless sky, soft earth, tranquil,
Perfumed mists, my senses thrilled.
Under the warm shade of an autumn tree,
Listening to echoes of voices, they remember me.
Chirping birds, a strong horse’s trot.
Clippity clop, Clippity clop.
Or better still when I want to stop
Sweet melody of silence.

To lay for a while on a bed of petals
Untouched, unbound, free of shackles.
My body lies still,
The mind will now dance.
I dread to wake up from what surely is a trance.
Faces I see in a fuzzy cloud above
So many of you – All whom I love
Sweet mother , Big strong Dad
Pretty girl who made me sad.
Friends that listened and let me cry.
And he who bid a quick goodbye.

I cannot stay, in this beauty wallow.
I envy you, little free swallow.
I have to return, get a hold of sanity.
Wake up, come back, recognize humanity.
Where I don’t really know why the words don’t rhyme,
I’ll have to come back some other time.

-Miracle Monger

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