Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whew...a milestone...FINALLY..!!

It was just another day in office...started my computer... sipped a lil water... fired my peon.. checked my emails...logged into the same article "Can i Play with Madness" again, wondering at the back of my head whether do other people read this or is it just me and FOS. Rewinding back a few months ago (actually it was more than just a few months ago...) Myself, FOS and MM sitting at Takshila wondering why hasn't the world tapped our creative minds to milk out all the fantastic ideas embedded there...dejected and repuslive towards this cruel world we hit on the brainwave that if the world doesnt come to us, then we shall go to them..and behold S.C.O.F.F. was born. This site was meant to scream out to the world about... who we are... our experiences... our frame of mind...our talent..our passions..our point of views..!!(k.. i think i better stop there..) Months later and 1000 visiters's become just another mode of communication for us three scoffers.!!Yeah ...we have crossed a 1000 visitors .. and dont you misunderstand my casual mention of the 1000 visitors for anyting but pride. Its been a long journey...and visitors or no visitors we still exhuberate a sense of pride in reading our lifes as it passes by, on here. So let me take this opportunity to thank our 1000th visitor Mr/Mz. 98.197.67.#, from North America, Texas, Houston. for his/her blink-n-miss arrival here, courtesy a wrong search result for someone called "Jesu". Let that not dampen our spirit... so what if this person visited us for less than even a second... so what if even MOST our visitors visit us for less then a what if most of the 1000 visitors comprise of just a handful of 3-4 people(read: two) what if this blog was dormant at a certain point of time to the extent that we almost forgot its what if I'm going completely off topic....SO WHAT....!! What matters is that we're here....this blogs here... it injects a lil importance and pride in our otherwise no-one-else-gives-a-****-life....and we are HAPPY..!! So lets drink to this occasion.... like we do in most other fact like we do everyday..!!

Here, at the end of this melodramatic speech i would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people and plants ...first being the three duo's including myself who have kept this blog alive whislt all our trials and tribulations, ups and downs, lefts and rights, know what i thanks guys i believe we have done a great job here...leaving something for the future generation who grow up to be like us, to use as an example of what Not to do..! Secondly i would like to thank the builders of Takhsila and Leela business park who have built their respective places which no one else but us use..if it wasnt for these lovely places...hmmm..actually it wouldnt matter coz we would have smoked in the middle of the road if we had to...but nevertheless..they have built us fabulous places in the middle of nowhere and we have used them well..!and i mean reaaaaaaaaaally well...!I would also like to thank Mahesh, obnoxious hash selling fat lady and lungi clad balding grass man, without whom our inpiration would have been incomplete..I would also like to thank our friends far and wide, here and there, everywhere and nowhere, who have played an active role in just being there..! Last and not the least i would like to thank the vada pav wala, choice bakers, superpani-puri wala, sanjay ice-cream parlour, the anna's,shiv sena guys, Harmeet bar and Restaurant, Ticket Restraunt coupon makers, the unicorn sniffing lady, the open spaces of Arey colony, the BABY,,, the graphic designers at TIS, TIS, LM.....(y do i get the feeling that im overdoing this..). On this emotional note..I shall let this moment sink in into each one of us scoffers. Au Revoir my friends..Today this page...Tomorrow the World.!!!!