Monday, May 14, 2012

The #HO2012 Update

The training for the Himalayan Odyssey 2012 is in full swing. The 28k to register for the event has been paid, hotel room sorted and train tickets booked. There is one small matter though. My leaves haven't been approved. So there is some 'squeaky bum time' on that front. I'm planning on going regardless. Watch out for my agency's articles in line with my famous Agency Blues articles. I'm sure I'll be cast as the chief antagonist, foiling all their perfect schemes.  

In terms of weight loss, I now weigh a cool 79 kgs. A 10 kilo drop from when I began. I now manage 3.5 kms in 25 minutes (a combination of walk and run) and can do 30 push-ups. With just a month to go, I have to push myself further.

Wish me luck.