Monday, April 07, 2008

Life's A Trippy Thing

My pot is filled with flowers, my grass is bright and green,]
My tears brewing in my cup, and still I make the scene.
[But just don't try to change me, I love the world I found,]
I've got to fly my own sweet way, and don't you shoot me down
--Frank Sinatra

This pic was sent to me by a long lost friend....who in our times of friendship was as blank as a clean white board....who in his state of conciousness drifted through those couple of months that we were the word "Clueless" a whole new meaning..! I dont know what more to say bout him, coz honestly we had'nt got too chit chatty in our times as most of the time our mouth would be busy puffing.. and the rest of the times the lips would feel to heavy to talk....! But reflecting back on those times... it was one of the most carefree periods of my life..Not a worry in the world..! Now don't we all wish life was like that...Sigh..!