Monday, March 23, 2009

Those were the days

Image courtesy Ashoo Naik

We have been accused of reminiscing too much about our Manipal days. These days when people who are much younger and much more fortunate than us keep saying "Ahh...those were the days!" I say why not we. Why can't me (find me in that pic) and EW (he has lost a lot of hair but is still recognizable)? huh?

Fuck off world! We were much better off there. No worry bout the future. Money would always come at the end of the month or in between depending on the requirement or how broke you were. We could just lie on our backs the whole day, not bothered where the next meal would come from. The beaches were just 13 km away. The mountains were around 30 km away. There were different sun set points to choose from. We could see stars in the night! WE could just lie in the middle of the road at peacock point without a blanket or a pillow. We had access to best weed from across the globe. WE could make fun off or be made fun off without giving a damn about the other persons feelings because we were sure that we had none!

All this from one pic of our first year engg days? Wish there was a tear in my eye? Sorry to disaapoint the readers but that place has made us emotionally void in a way. We no longer feel anger, jealousy, but there is a deep rooted resentment for the way society functions. The dog eat dog world, the rat race that we unwillingly entered or the competition that I don't want to participate in.

Try and identify EW or me in that snap. We no longer look the same, maybe we still have that sparkle, that mischief in our eyes but this world will slowly take that way too. Sad!

The next time I hear another "Ahh...those were the days!" I will puke.