Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fuck You Peking Tom!

I had a terrible experience at a restaurant I frequented until this happened -  

I strolled in to Peking Tom last night (3rd October 2010) with a few of my friends to watch the EPL clash between Arsenal & Chelsea. We made just before Happy Hours ended. And maybe that was one of the reasons why the usually mild mannered and courteous staff turned obnoxious and rude. We ordered a 'tower' and two cocktails. They argued about getting the free cocktails entitled to us but eventually got them after realizing that it was they that made the mistake. The height was when they asked us to finish the two towers within an hour. Like I mentioned, we managed to squeeze in our orders just before the happy hours ended (around 8:30) and we were told that we had to, yes, HAD TO finish the towers by 9:30. Since there were only three of us that were sipping on the beers, it was humanly impossible for us to finish in the stipulated time. What proceeded next infuriated us further. We were levied the charge of an extra pitcher because we could not finish the towers in time. Our protests had the Captain walk up to us, use abusive language and ask us to teach him how to talk to customers when asked to tone down his volume.

All I want to say is that, being a regular, I will really miss going there because the food is great, the ambience excellent and apart from yesterday, the service excellent. But nobody, I repeat nobody treats their customers like that. Even a Shetty's bar and restaurant knows how to treat their most unruly customers. It's sad that because of a two people, they have lost out on five customers that have visited the place for more than 4 years.

And because of the entire ruckus, I could not watch the game in peace either.

The review is up on Burrp!

 I urge our readers to avoid this place. There are better ones in the vicinity.