Monday, March 21, 2011

Agency Blues: Overheard (Anger)

I overheard this interesting anecdote at work. Unrelated to my trials at work but a story that does want you to make a difference, maybe...

An Indian and a Japanese were waiting at a bus stop in Japan. When the bus arrived, the India got in by inserting the required amount to open the doors of the bus. The Japanese did the same once the India entered. The Indian, once inside the bus, asked the Japanese "The door was open such that both of us could have entered. You could have come in without paying a single yen."

The Japanese guy's reply floored the Indian. He said, "I do not want to cheat my country."

Whats the connection? Sign up for this and let's start by stopping cheating our country and thus, ultimately ourselves.

I said maybe at the start of the post because even in a group of friends, you cannot get people to agree to it. If they were in Singapore, they will gladly stop spitting, littering and/or accept the harshest of fines and punishments meted out to them. But out here, they feel it is alright to do as they please.

This "follow the leader" and "crab" mentality is sending our country to the dogs. Let's stop that.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Blog!

Summer has arrived and I have trimmed all my chest hair. But that's not what the new blog is about. What do you mean why? It's too hot people. But now it itches.

Oh! you mean why a new blog? Well, the idea was planted (Inception style but without the fuss and the kicks) when I came for an interview at my current firm and my friends Let Me Be and CrazyDaisy.  Let Me Be, CraizyDaisy and I would keep making fun of certain brands (One of them is already made fun on in the new blog) regularly and that's when I thought, we should put this down. When I interviewed with Six Inches Communications, yes, my current agency is called Six Inches Communications (@Pussy, you didn't know that, did you?), they asked me to rewrite the campaign for an ad that I disliked on Indian Television.

Thus, the urge and the (not-on-my-chest) itch grew stronger. To celebrate the completion of three months at Six Inches, I came up the blog. And without further ado, I announce Crapvertising officially open! Go ahead and check it out by clicking on the link.

And listen, if you guys have anything intelligent to contribute or wish to be a part of the blog, write to me at ajayd81[at]yahoo[dot]com. Cheers!

And do let me know, out there or over here what you guys think.    

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Agency Blues: There is someone worse then EW

In terms of hair, you have balder men. In terms of colour, you have Leo, who I can say (in muted whispers) is darker than EW. In terms of intellect, there was Minni. But EW was unrivaled in the jokes department. There was no one willing to take the bar even a notch lower. A sad joke in the Stoned Circle is still called a Hermanism.

Not anymore. Something strange happened today. A colleague was asked (in Hindi), "Tu peeta hai kya?" [Do you drink?] His reply was, "Meri shaadi nahin hui hai!"

I didn't bother to ask for an explanation thinking that there was miscommunication somewhere. But the guy went on to explain that since he wasn't married, he couldn't have a child and because he didn't have a child, he was not a pita or a father.

I just spat out whatever I was eating. On him!

They say that a joke is really bad if you need to explain it. One thing about EW was that his jokes are bad but not bad enough to require an explanation. Sorry EW, we have found someone worse than you!