Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yeah, that's right scoffers, I'm going for it this time. After hearing Nita verbally kick me around to the point of killing me for missing them in bangalore, I have come to believe that there is a God. He must be a long haired, bearded, headbanger and an ultra-cool dude for hearing me and giving me a second chance. People like us don't deserve one but this is totally different. I sincerely wanted go to bangaloore (is that how it's spelt now?) to watch the show but then a certain important and universal criteria called money held me back. This time I made sure that I had things my way - basically free. A friend went through a lot of people to procure the passes for us. God bless her soul! All I have to do is go home sober tonight so as to not land up behind bars and wake up tomorrow. Waking up tomorrow is essential. Fuck cares! I don't fuckin think I'm sleeping tonight. I'm very excite!!!!

Sadly, EW will be missing it again. He was in Mumbai the last time they came. Now he is in Mangalooru (they haven't changed Mangalore's name, have they?). Ha Ha! I feel sorry for him. Fuck him!

So what next? Tomorrow at this time I'll be stoned and drunk and stoned and drunk and I'll do it two times over after that too. Here's to Eddie! Cheers!

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