Monday, February 04, 2008

Can I Play With The Madness

"Yeah! Sure you can! I already did!" These were the thoughts when I read a relatively small article in a leading daily on Saturday morning about the Maiden show. Fuckin' vernacs. Am I getting racist on their arse? C'mon they deserve it. Who in his sane mind will title the headline as "Can I Play With The Madness"? Just imagine singing this in a Indian accent - the one that Apu has on the Simpsons:

"Mr Simpson,
Can I play with the madness - the prophet stared at the crystal ball
Can I play with the madness - there's no vision there at all
Can I play with the madness - the prophet looked and he laughed at me
Can I play with the madness - he said you're blind, too blind to see"

Oh fuck off!! Go back to where you belong. Which I guess is the planet called *sounds just like when you spit* 'Arrrgh Ttthhuuu'

Now that it's out of my system, I would like to apologize for updating my fellow readers so late. I just lazed around during the weekend, recuperating from a stiff neck and an obvious hangover, which for the first time was not because of the alcohol. It was thanks to Iron Maiden.

I did as I had said in my previous post titled IT'S MAIDEN TIME BABY! I started stoning myself and drinking myself to death around 3.30 in the afternoon. EW had called the previous night and said that he will be making it for the show. I was a little apprehensive because I had planned to sell his pass for cheap and procure some more money to drink. But then that was not required. I was helped by a lot of people that night.

On our way to the venue, Our rickshaw comes to a halt next to another one that's ferrying two maidenheads. So here I am smoking a J in the auto and there they are rolling shit loads of J's. Our eyes meet, we show each other the corna and scream "Maiden". We reached MMRDA grounds by 6 and I ran straight to the merchandise shop. I had to get meself a tee.

We drank and smoked and waited for everyone who we were waiting for to arrive. Finally when all went silent inside, we decided it was time to enter. I was held back by the security and started creating a scene when they did not let me in with my ciggarettes. That's typical of me. The rest were psyched at me because I was hiding a joint in my shoe. But we got in without any further delays, found a not so crowded space and stood waiting for the madness et al to begin.

Then it happened folks, the moment I had been anticipating with loads of excitement for over a week, Maiden was on stage and strated with the electrifying number Aces High. Bruce's energy was sort of telepathically transmitted out to the crowd and we all went absolutely bezerk. Aces High was followed by 2 minutes to midnight and I seriously missed Miracle Monger that moment. He was the one who introduced me to Maiden's Brave New World and there was no looking back since then. I have devoured whatever they had to offer. I was there man! Absolutely and positively there. May be not in a stable state of mind but there, yes!

Aces High: Bruce dishing out the first song of the night

The trooper followed 2 minutes to midnight then they played hits like The Trooper, Run to the hills, The Clairvoyant, Rhime of the ancient mariner, Can I play with madness, Wasted years, Powerslave, Moonchild, Caught somewhere in time, Fear of the dark and ended with Hallowed be thy name. One hour and forty five minutes of bliss, headbanging and fearsome energy. I didn't let my head rest for a single minute, It was bobbing up and down through out the show. At one point I thought it would roll off. During the rendition of Moonchild or Powerslve (please forgive me, memory is all worked up. It's a wonder I can remember most of the things they sang) Eddie walked on stage, he stood around 11 to 12 feet tall. Did I mention the backdrops. Fuck it! You should have been there.

Can I play with the madness: Phil and me enjoying the madness.

The show was orgasmic: EW's face says it all. Jesu Bhai Patel came a few minutes later.

Eddie where art thou?: Let's see if you can spot him.

The After Effects: At a bar called Durga in Bandra (West)

I'm wasted as usual.

Check EW's Bubbaesque (character from Forest Gump) lower lip.

Ok yeah! I think I'll let you guys in on the backdrops. There were these insaneley trippy as well as extremely well painted backdrops that kept changing for almost every song. I'm not sure if I captured all but here goes:

There was another one but I don't have that on camera. Anyways gotta go guys! Will see ya soon!! Till then play with the madness all right!!


Mahafreed said...

I like the way AJ's hair is looking. So glorious!

Fat Old Son said...

thank u mafia...

nastypajamas said...

heyy.....i like your sense of humour why don't you just change the background colour of your blog to uhhmmmm.... white? it's easy on the eye ya know..... maybe tas why ppl don't stay onto your blog for longerrrrr.....

Anonymous said...

i toh like black

Elegantly Wasted said...

And i like Mahafreed, and what ever she says goes..!!!! nasty pyjamas.... screw you.....! its our way or the HIghway..!

nastypajamas said...

fine by me... besides, this is the only colour that goes with the talk about town in this town...

Fat Old Son said...

whats this? commenting behind my back...i havn't visited this site in a long time myself...but stil!!

anyways @ nastypajamas...i love my sense of humour too...but we stick to what the mafia is black...Amen!!