Thursday, August 28, 2008

King of good times

Update: For all those who came in late: Please ignore this message. For the rest, fresh pics have been added for viewing convenience and pleasure. I have promised to upload the videos and will be doing so shortly.

I think I need a change in the nick - FOS

Well, the good times are back and my office - the firm that I left for crazily beautiful greeen pastures but soon realized that the weed on the otherside was dry and didn't have any THC content and hence I came back chewing my cud- is holding it's annual party. The folks back here are buzzing with extreme activities, and no, they are not skydiving or bungee jumping or even free falling. I wish some people would bungee and I'd be standing on top of whereever they are jumping from with garden scissors just to snip that rope. But no, it's different this time. Our firm has completed five years of profitable existence and it's time to celebrate. So the people are busy practising dancing, singing, skits, etc. I, for the first time ever, am going to feature in a fashion show. Please stop hooting and wondering HOW! Yes, my beloved skeptics, it's true, I'm opening the show albeit as a drunk, but I'm an integral part of it. It's probably down to the fact that there aren't any people better looking than me, women included. *FOS smirks a bit and says to himself "I love myself!"*

Anyhoo, other than the fashion show, I'm also part of this dance routine that is more comic than EW's jokes, my humour and Raju Shrivastav. You get the picture, hopefully. No? How EW of me. View the rehearsal video here:

[[Video of the dance and fashion show will be put up after the event. Did I forget to mention that it's tomorrow? I guess I did. So folks, the events tomorrow.]]

[[Hopfully some scandalous pics will be posted here]]

Alrightie! The event went off really well and for another time in my life I was so sloshed that I lost around 24 hours of my life. Yup, 24 hours! I remember reading the time at 20:34 on Friday and I woke up not remebering a thing I was put through the next day at 1800 hours. The people back in the office have recounted what I did to them and quite frankly it's no longer embarrassing. Maybe I am used to it. But the details of the crap that I put people through will not be disclosed on this post. Sorry, you have to meet me for that.

Towards the end of the night I was supremely confident that I would reach home on my own, which I did of course, but I don't remember shit. All I remember is being in awe that the rickshaw driver knew my address to the dot and then struggling to open the door of me palace for at least 15 minutes. Then I got up only at 6 in the evening after falling asleep, well, I don't know what time. So it was *boilk* *boilk* *boilk* and some more *boilk*. The thing that happens the next day. It's called a hangover I'm told.

Anyways, Friday morning was amazing. We (read jesubahi Patel, Phil and I) were extremely funny. Here are a few pics of us on stage crooning to the La Bamba, play acting on the guitar.

After enthralling the crowd with a sublime mix of excellent guitaring and soothing vocals, we came on about two hours later to dance to the tune of 'Make Luv' by Room 5. Pics here:

For my final act of the evening, I was the Cowboy from Hell. Actually just a normal drunk cowboy. But I like to call myself the cowboy from hell for it makes me sound cool. And that's what I am, cool! Anyways I was expected to be serious and throw around attitude but the only thing I managed was a huge grin on my face. Pics follow (maybe a little later, but I promise they'll be there. I swear by the sun and the moon and the stars. They'll be there):

There'll be a video of the event distributed I'm told. Being the narcissist that I am, I will definately edit and upload the parts that I am in.

Frankly speaking, apart from the few embarrasing moments that I went through that night, it was definately a day that I enjoyed. And since I have recovered significantly (I was put off by the very mention of alcohol the whole of Sunday), I look forward to a few more good times that this firm might have to offer.

Till then my sweetie pies. Ciao!

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