Monday, January 19, 2009

GOA: December '08

This year's trip to Goa was absolutely mellow, surreal and serene. I wasn't sober though. I had vowed to never do chemicals again and I could keep this promise made to myself only because of the fuckin' terrorists. Something good did come out of those attacks, I guess, depending on how you choose to look at it. I still see the world from a wierd 90 degree angle. The one that you get with a strained neck. Anyways Goa, due to the attacks on Mumbai, was on high alert and due to that the tourism industry out there saw a dearth of tourists. Which again translated well for me. Me and a couple of friends were the only people in most of the off beat shacks that we visited.

I stayed there for free (A first for me). Didn't get wasted (Again a first). Didn't attend a rave (Another first). Actually there weren't any because of the lack of firangs travelling to India. And I was in Goa for five days (definately a first). And I rode the water scooter, which I must say was nothing short of exhilarating and I was screaming like a girl throughout the ride. I can hear EW say that I always scream or rather behave like a girl, but what can I say ride the scooter and see for yourself.

Since nothing untoward, extraordinary, adventerous or anything remotley funny happened there, I have nothing to write about. So go through the pics below and leave no comments. We are used to that by now.

The pics were clicked when we were at Palolem, which according to me is a pristine beach. It was kind of crowded, albeit with pale skins, but the beach was extremely beautiful.

And yeah, I am seeking funds for a new DSLR. Contact me and I will provide my pay pal details.

EW, Al, Setore and I are planning on visiting Goa in March once again and hopefully that trip will be eventful and will have something to write about.

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