Friday, May 08, 2009

Wedding Bells are ringing!

Hello People,

I'll be going to Mangalore for Minni's (a.k.a Short Prick) wedding. Will update with a post and photographs once I'm back. If any of you guys are around don't forget to look me up. I'll be reaching Mangalore on 16th of May.


Some Pics from that trip:

EW just after the first J: I just love hideki

Bhajji and us at a river bank somewhere on the outskirts of Mangalore

Our trusty transport

Minni and Ashwija at their ring ceremony: Notice the Singh is King outfit

The Stoned Trio

Me before going for Minnis wedding

The Happy couple after exchanging their vows


Anonymous said...

ya comin to blore???

Fat Old Son said...

Banglore! not right now..I'll be comin to blore in June.

Anonymous said...

aaah june.. right month to make it, complete my course then :))

Anonymous said...

when did i post this??? :o

Fat Old Son said...

u dont know?

Anonymous said...

no dude i dont know... i feel someone is isusing my name on ur blog!!!!

Anonymous said...


Fat Old Son said...

So give yourself a username and we can filter your comments. Obviously there will be many anonymous people out here.

Anonymous said...

oh like tat... smart ;)