Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First of the S.C.O.F.F.ies

I promised a daily blog during this edition of the World Cup and once again I have lived up to expectations. People expected me not to manage and I did not disappoint. Unlike me, the SA WC 2010 has disappointed viewers all over the world with a humming sound and some insipid football. Usually, at S.C.O.F.F., we wait till the tournament ends to present your quadrennial footballing awards or we don't hand them out at all. But, on Sunday something so drastic took place that we just had to wake up from the slumber induced by this world cup. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present you the S.C.O.F.F. Moron of the Tournament - The entire French Team, coaching staff et al. Well, frankly speaking, it is too early for this award to be out but we just couldn't help it. Before the World Cup began, I wanted to award it to the English team no matter what. Yes, even if they would have gone on to win the WC. My hatred for them is unmeasurable. But, after drawing their first game, and losing their next I had to sit up and take notice of a team that was imploding. 

Please do not judge us. Every french person I don't know is supporting my decision. Instead of judging us, answer us this:
  • Are Domenech and Govou lovers? 
  • Is Domenech retarded or demented? 
  • Did Benzema refuse to blow him before the tournament? 
  • Is Domenech retarded or demented?
The recurring question every one has on their minds is "Is Domenech retarded or demented?" There is only one person that can answer that, and that person is Anelka.

An update: By the time I published this, there sprang another contender for the S.C.O.F.F. Moron of the Tournament. The English team. Their lack of passion and technical ability will be highlighted by all except their own press. What a bunch of morons. Let's leave it at that for the moment. The tournament has just gotten exciting. Till the next post. Have a happy SAWC10. Cheers!


Pais said...

I feel u shud call it a quarterly post instead of a daily post :P
anyways nice to see some updates on the blog... and yes the english... wat does Atom-Dom have to say?? he must be still crying on Lampard's denied goals :))

Fat Old Son said...

You should have been there. MM, Atom-Dom, Leo and I watched the game together and the usually boisterous and obnoxious little cunt fell totally silent and did what was told for the rest of the evening.

Great game that one tho. One of the best of the WC.