Sunday, December 05, 2010

Top 12 Signs You May Be Addicted to Evony*

  1. You legally change your name to your server ID
  2. You have to rebuild your trap each time after the mailman comes to your door
  3. You keep looking for abatis at the horsetrack.
  4. Despite having no knowledge of engineering or carpentry, you manage to build a functioning trebuchet in your backyard.
  5. When people ask if you had a nice Christmas, you reply "Christmas? When did that happen?"
  6. You drive by some lake and think, "It will be a level 9 tomorrow."
  7. Your girlfriend/wife tries to shake you awake and you just moan and roll over, but when she tells you your bird is flashing, you jump up and run out of the room.
  8. You see a North Korean military parade on the news and think, "I could take that"
  9. You give your co-ords instead of your address when ordering a pizza.
  10. The Parks Department and the National Forest Service keep sending you letters asking you to cease placing flags with your name on them in the local parks and forests.
  11. You drive by a forest and wonder, "How many archers  are in there?"
  12. The judge tells you that mailing your neighbors to "get out of your 10 miles area or you will NPC their houses" is an anti-social behavior!
 You relate to all 12 points after reading them.

*This is a copy-paste job. This gem was sent to me by Lord Obelix of the MavLion alliance.

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