Thursday, November 10, 2011

Masters of Puppets

For those who don't know my love for Classical Rock, probably would know that I wouldn't miss out on this. Hearing this awesome news, Pane (pronounced Pah-ne) Pai and I were excited like little girls. Pane is a girl so she just got little - figuratively; not literally. So everyone was asked from EW to Al to even the Miracle Monger, who through some miracle made through customs unscathed into India. Well that's another story. Anonymous, don't forget to give me that kick up my butt to pen that one. It's a twisted tale of love, hate, a lot of running around, goons, cops, hiding - in all a perfect masala movie and a great topic for gossip. And, since the monger is remotely logs on to the Internet, I can safely make money off him without any conflict or consequences.

Yes, after my customary digression, let's get back to the topic at hand. "Metallica!" That's exactly how I screamed when I heard that they were coming to India. When I found out that their concert coincided with the inauguration of India's only F1 track, more excitement ensued. When I found out the rates of the F1 tickets that excitement fizzled out into a limp murmur that I couldn't go to Delhi. Thank God for that, don't you think? Else, I would have definitely been a part of this and would have even contemplated streaking my way onto the race track. The world was saved from watching my black ass on the tarmac when Pane (pronounced Pah-ne) Pai offered me free boarding and lodging in namma B'lore along with a thinly veiled threat that I have now grown accustomed to, "Be there or else!"

Before I tell you everything about the show and my time in Bangalore, gear up for another twist in the tale. Last one, I promise. Every year, Cynnocent's father, Mr. Nitin Khot organizes plays or little shows for the kids and elders in their locality in Belgaum. This year, as per his brief, Cynnocent wrote a neat little puppet show. When we realised that there would be more than a 100 people gathered to watch us, the puppet show turned into us getting into costumes, which we in turn executed brilliantly.

Here are a few behind the scenes images shot by yours truly.

The cute little fairy princess played by Xara

Cyonncent explaining a scene to the actors

The two lovely ladies who later transformed into squirrels

Emily, who played Min Min getting into character

The VO artist, who also filled in as the owl clearing his thoughts before he clears his throat

Mr. Khot chilling with the Sound Engg

Brun the bear and the lovely squirrel planning on creating a new species

Shivu (who took over my part) played Bhondu the dog with aplomb
The cast and the support staff before going on stage
The video of the play will be uploaded in a new post, once I fill in the credits (there is one hilarious instance to point out and laugh at). Till then let me tell you about the place we lived in Belgaum. The bungalow was located inside a really old fort that the English converted into their residences when they took over way back in, whenever they did. The massive colonial bungalow was our home for a good 4 days. Diwali was celebrated in the traditional way and Mr. Khot gave us no reason to complain. Black Dog, 100 Pipers, Beer, Hukka and good food was just flowing, which made us not complain too.

Anyway, with a heavy heart we said goodbye to Belgaum on Saturday night - 29th October. But this just meant plonking our ass from one huge Bungalow to another. Pane (pronounced Pah-ne) Pai ensured that Jesu Bhai Patel (the man who played Brun the Bear and who would have shot to fame if it wasn't for me. I didn't upload this video on YouTube) and I were absolutely well taken care off. And, man is her house huge! And the weather in Bangalore? Beautiful. A hairy, long haired dude like me did not sweat one bit. To be frank with you dear readers, I have developed a little crush on the city called Bangalore. Pane (pronounced Pah-ne-I should probably stop this now) Pai spent two good days selling the city and subtly hinting that I settle down there. And, I must say, I am considering that as a serious option.

What about Metallica you say? Come on people, didn't I say I wouldn't miss it for the world? I didn't and it was awesome! All this in spite of the organisors trying their level best to, if not cancel then at least, dampen the spirits of every fan present with their shoddy arrangements and poor crowd control. But Jesu Bhai, Pane and I had the time of our lives (Not the Dirty Dancing one dumbfucks, the Metallica kind). The band was brilliant and they've promised to come back again. I'll promise to go only if they come during Diwali, if Pane okays to host me and if Mr. Khot and Cynoccent decide to tolerate me.

You guys in the meanwhile, keep forcing me to post. Whatever would I do without you all.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... great to read ur posts again :)
so did or did not Miracle Monger reach the show??
and damn i feel i missed the "just another day in office" not able to recollect and youtube is blocked in office :(
and abt moving to blore... a lil warning the weather aint the same all through, but yeah u do get lots of chances to leave your long hair loose...

Fat Old Son said...

Thanks man :) MM didn't come. He was holed up in M'lore. He is going thru all kinda shit these days. Will explain in length some other time. Are you back? Attending taks' wedding?

Anonymous said...

no dude i shud be here for a yr... so lets see, as of now looks like i will miss tak's wedding, unless he sponsoring my tickets, just put in a word from my end :P
damn wat is happening to MM, he was my fav character in scoff

Fat Old Son said...

He is going through some personal turmoil. More when we meet off the Internet. Have a fun time out there. A JD for me please :P

Anonymous said...

no issues.. will have the JD on ur behalf :D anything else... u know loads of 'stuff' is available under prescription here ;P

Fat Old Son said...

Get it if you can carry it back :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. cool :)
btw i just realized, taks is getting married before atom-DOM!!! wtf....

Fat Old Son said...

AtomD isn't planning on getting married right now. His folks are frantically looking tho. So, if you know of any cool Mangi chicks, let them know :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. r they on fb :P just kidding!!!