Monday, April 09, 2012

I want to be the biggest loser

I know what the most ardent readers are going to say. They are surely going, "Dude, you always were one of the biggest losers around!" New readers, you will opine the same once you go through the blog. I can't change that but what I am about to change is my weight. Now I can hear you all go, "Ah...". Yes, with ellipses and all. 

My 'Quit-smoking' chronicles are stuff of legends now. By the way, there was no blogpost to commemorate it, but I completed 2 years of a smoke free existence. Two-Fuckin'-years. Now, I'll make that bold. Two-fuckin'-years. In your face nicotine. However, all's not hunky dory in Fat-Old-Son land.

In these two years, Fat Old Son has lived up to his moniker. After I quit smoking, I went from being a light-weight person of about 70 kgs to a rotund (but cute) being of 89 kgs. But if you thought that reaching one short of the magical figure of 90kgs spurred me on to become the Biggest Loser, you are wrong. That's not the reason why. This is:

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This gruelling trip is a test of both man and machine. I am sure that my machine can handle it. But I am so terribly out of shape that for the first time, I actually have no analogy to provide. Anyway, the prerequisite for the event is physical fitness. One must be able to run 5 km in 50 mins and do 50 push-ups.

Being the 89 kg weakling that I am, I can't manage more than 4 push-ups at the moment and I can't run for more than 2 minutes continuously. And, that's why I have signed up at Big Loser, India in the hope that I stay on track to achieve my goal and remain motivated enough. Also, I will be donating about 1,900 bucks to charity if I do lose all the flab hanging loose.And, you never know, in my quest to becoming the biggest loser, I might be the ultimate winner.

I'll keep you guys updated. Shameless self-promotion to follow. If I do manage to sit on the bike and ride through the Himalayas, I'll b live-tweeting the event. Follow my updates here.

Till I reach 70 kgs my readers (don't worry, you will hear from me much sooner). Ciao. 

Update: I have joined the gym. I can now run about 3 kms in less than 30 mins. And I weigh around 84 kgs. Sweet right?

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