Friday, December 28, 2012

What to post?

I guess that's the question. My last post was on 18 June. And this year I've managed the lowest number of posts ever in spite of writing this one. It is a total #fail on our part.  I still say 'our part' because this was supposed to be a combined effort and my two cronies have been M.I.A. since f*ck knows when.

MM has his ship engines to tend to and EW got married and is now using all his funny bones to entertain his cute kid. The kid looks like his father but without the colour. That, thankfully is his mother's. Nature has saved him from scoff early on.

I've had a colourful year too. My trip to the Himalayas went much better than expected (you can read all about it here. Yes, that's a new blog. Another one to help me neglect this one.
But worry not. Next year, you will see a lot more on this blog (pinky swear). My resolution is to think more, jot down the thoughts in a lovely journal and just post them here, there and everywhere. But knowing how my brain works, the question, "What to post?" will still continue to haunt me.

Oh yeah, before I go, wish all our readers or rather just you my dear Pussy, compliments of the season and a grand, beautiful and joyous New Year.

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