Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Celestial Celebration

People salute the heavens, because we are so small
Even the proudest amongst us
Has to fall.
Destiny does as destiny wants.
You cannot change,
Destiny taunts.
As we speak now to allay our fears.
It had to be,
For so many years.
You're greatest talent, brightest trophy,
All just happy serendipity.
Doesn't a flower grow only if a seed is sown?
Isn't serenity seen in those little twinkling eyes,
Preceded by a mother's moan?
A poet writes through all those who will read,
OUr hunger for glory we shall not feed.
For all that we learn, we can't fathom divinty.
There is a higher ground we cannot see.
All hail the heavens one more time
Let's pay tribute for our victories.
Won't cost us a dime.

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Anonymous said...

amazingggggggggggg!!!!!!! whoo...