Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Say it…. in style!

It was a nice calm night, when we all decided to go drinking. Drunk to the core, we headed to a crowded Izone to play warcraft. In the course of the game, it so happened that Dal, Aj, and myself had cornered Leo’s hero and Leo was calling Minni, his partner, for help. “Minni help me man, they have caught me!”.. “Minni help me man, they have caught me!”, but there was no reply. Minni’s computer was covered with his shirt, and he was topless and faaaaaast asleep on the floor in Izone. “Minni…Minni…wake up man…go home and sleep…don’t sleep here man!”.. Minni rubbing his eyes woke up and somehow sat on a bike. After reaching home, one of us asked him “Minni…in a crowded Izone u slept on the floor…we can understand that…you were drunk! But why did you have to remove your shirt!” Standing in a crooked pose he said, “ No maaan! …First I slept with my shirt on. Then I was not getting sleep because the light from my computer was hitting my eyes…so I took of my shirt…covered the comp…and went back to sleep!”

It was just like any other night in Manipal—same room in Nirmala, same Nitya’s stuff, and the same guys lazing around. We were all very hungry and since at that time we had the luxury of money we all thought of going out and eating. So, one by one we all went for bath. Dal just finished his bath, and Minni got up and started getting ready to go in. Leo elegantly spread across the mattress told Minni that he wanted to go. Minni protested and was about to rush into the bathroom to capture it first. Just as he was about to take off…Leo gracefully but quickly stretched his hand…found his cap…flung it into the bathroom and victoriously proclaimed, “My cap reached there first…so I’m going for bath first!” Minni’s expression was worth a watch…He literally got a “Hat Attack!”

Ever played a game called “Word Building”, where each person adds a letter to form a word, making sure that word doesn’t end on him. Well, u should try playing this game with Dominic. It was a sunny afternoon, when all of us lying in Dominic’s room decided to play this game. Now, usually Dominic doesn’t bother participating in our time wasting antiques (He had something better—sleep!). But surprisingly, he too wanted to be a part of it that day. Now, anyone who knows Dominic for five years will definitely be aware of the fact that, the only word he can spell is “Football” (and probably his own name… though I still have my own doubts on that!) So we all knew that we were in for a few laughs! It happened when Aj started the round, with the letter “H”, Pedro followed it with a “U”, I said “N”, and Babu added a “G”. Next was Dal’s turn. Wanting to form the word “Hungry”, he said “R” and snickered. Most of us figured out the word and exchanged cunning smiles. There was no way Dominic could escape now! The more he scratched his head…. the louder the laughs got! To top it all, he suddenly yelled, with the “I’m smart too” look in his eye, “Don’t think that only you guys are smart…I also know what the word is! I’m just confused whether it’s an “A” or an “E”. Duuuuuuh!!!!!!!!

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