Friday, June 23, 2006

Poem Of The Week # 1

Angels deserve to Cry

Don’t weep little one, I’ll take you home.
Somebody’s waiting on the other side of Rome.
You’ve lived in a house of cards too long.
One breath of fresh air has proved you wrong.
Let Him show you what you didn’t do right.
What have you left? Why do you fight?
Can’t you see? You’re emotionally impaired.
You couldn’t feel the light even if you stared.
Even the best laid plans are sometimes foiled.
You’ll be reminded not to regret, what you have spoiled.
There were many like you, all I have helped.
With golden letters in heaven, my name is spelt.
You’ll be charred and cleansed and then put correct.
In the end like me you’ll have no defect.

No white angel. Let me stay.
I haven’t reached the end of my way.
I have enemies to find, friends to lose,
So much to learn that my mind is confused.
Let me gather the embers of a broken soul.
Even God couldn’t make me whole.
Burnt offerings are now no longer the fad.
Else he could’ve kept all that I’ve had.

Why don’t you instead take a ride with me?
Misery always did love company.
Don’t you see? You’re the one incomplete.
You can’t savor victory till you taste defeat.
You’ve met others you say, who were worthless ore.
He’s melted each one and now has pure gold.
But all you’ve achieved is the killing of choice.
Listen to me. Find you’re voice.

“Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return.”
But along the way a few lyrics you’ll learn.
Of you’re sorrows and fears you can then sing.
Let a bitter symphony in your mind ring.

You then decide,
Because you laughed
And you also cried.
Then once we know,
We both will go.


Madhuri Shinde said...

'Misery always did love company.'

Very much true indeed.

Lizard King said...

Oh! thanks Madhuri. Misery is something that keeps S.C.O.F.F. going. And yeah! this poems called 'Angels deserve to cry'.