Friday, June 30, 2006

Poem of the week #2

Thank you for the breakdown

Our enshrouded arrival
Greeted by unwelcome watchers.

We’ll search for our broken bench;
We’ll remind each other what happened
And realize discreetly how our lives are a little shorter

My wishful eye watches the child’s play
I would too, on another day
The sun dips lower as we welcome Apollo to the ceremony.
Mundane discussions whittle away time till all is in place,
Chaffed, crushed n curled
Into our symbol of peace.
Smoked essence of a wasted earth
Firmly grip our groping minds.
As I lean back and watch, you’d still prefer being seven and on that slide

It’s not hard to listen at the same time.
To you,
And a whispering solitude,
Both companions for anytime.

My glazed eyes look up to a moving flock of birds.
They travel across a purple sky,
Too hurried to listen to reasonable words.
Myriad journeymen chasing a fantasy,
Against a backdrop of a disinterested cloud
Either uninvited or just too proud
Unlike us,
Involuntary parts of a visionless crowd.

After a deeper breath, a silent plea to the skies
Over petty differences let us rise
With therapeutic drops of water bind our battered souls
Almighty potter make us whole

Thank you for being a face I can speak to
For coloring my life in a different hue
An outlet to a recluse

We’ll walk away to the cricket’s chirp
And you’ll tell stories to fill me with mirth
To last me the night as I wait for sunrise
Golden hour when no one cries.


Anonymous said...

since when did u start writtin poems man??!!..becumin a poet or what?
Good one tho...

Lizard King said...

hey Nita.
Well these are written by Dal as a means of stoned expression. Glad you liked it.