Thursday, July 06, 2006

S.C.O.F.F. Analysis: Quarter's & Semi's

Quarter 3: England 1 v Portugal 3

I’m sure all English fans would agree by now. It’s a relief this team is out. I’ve never been a supporter of the English but they usually displayed a lot of grit and spirit in precious competitions. Will never forget the Owen goal against Argentina in 98 and the way they fought the German’s in a losing cause in 90. This team quite frankly was a disgrace. Badly coached, over-hyped and definitely more intent on off field celebrity. Its unfortunate that they’ll now come up with an excuse to how Rooney was unfairly sent off. My question why was he on the field in the first place. He maybe tomorrows superstar but you don’t win the world cup because of 1 half fit player. All the hype had to go to his head and he’s pushed himself and England out of their misery. It’s unfortunate the likes of Terry, Stevie G, Rio and the Coles who actually have the ability to live up to the hype, are out. Portugal’s Figo showed class and age don’t have any connection. While Ronaldo finally decided to play for the team came up with the goods. Yeah the diving etc. has surely given the conspiracy theorist some more ammo but face it guys this kid can play.

S.C.O.F.F Man of the Match: The Portuguese had a lot of good displays but the way Ricardo scared the famed Englishmen in the penalties has to give him the prize. Special mention of Owen Hargreaves on the English side.

S.C.O.F.F Moron of the Match: Wayne Rooney closely beats out Beckham. C’mon Becks we know you’re a sissy. Why don’t you start a talk show about emotional hardships of the metro-sexuals? Leave the football to the real men.

Quarter 4: France 1 v Brazil 0

The old adage stands true. 11 stars don’t make a team. France had a purpose and the fire to win this game. The likes of Thuram and Viera showed that class is permanent while Zizou reminded us that he is the best player of his generation. Feel sorry for Ronaldinho who had a bad Cup but I’d blame it on the coach’s insistence to play him and Kaka together which crowded both of them out. And will someone please tell Ronaldo to get a different life if he’s not interested in football. The guy must have been a hero sometime ago but it’s well and truly yesterday. Some things never change. Who exactly was supposed to be marking Henry when he scored? Well it’s Brazil. They don’t defend. Defending is for mortals.

S.C.O.F.F Man of the Match: Zinedine Zidane. The maestro is back. Not for long though. This probably is one final slap in the face for all those who think anyone else who played football over the past few years can be compared to him. Ronnie is his successor but the old man still can teach the new kid a few lessons.

S.C.O.F.F Moron of the Match: He says we love to hate him and that he’s unfairly criticized. Look at your contribution this WC Ronaldo.3 goals against weakling opposition and those too could have been scored by amateur wheel chair footballers.

Semi-Final 1: Italy 2 Germany 0

Definitely no one deserved to lose this one. Germany spurred on by a 60000+ crowd took time but came strongly at the Italians. The Italians though look to be trying to erase the negative image of their football hit right back. Led by the imperious captain Canna, who I think is the front runner for the Golden Ball this time. The Italians allowed the German’s just 2 shots on target while creating 10 for themselves and also hitting the post twice. Credit to the young Mertesacker and Metzelder who looked brilliant defending for Germany. I think it was won in the midfield though were Pirlo aided by his trusty sidekick Gattuso were absolutely everywhere Ballack and co. tried to go. Italy knew they had to win it on the pitch after seeing the German penalties against Argentina. They ended up with 4 strikers on field and the goal came from a left back who was in the opposition penalty area for a corner. Pirlo played an immaculate pass that was met with a stupendous first time finish by Grosso. The goal that broke the German wall, Del Piero finally showed his fabled finishing prowess on a counter soon after when the Germans left everyone forward. A game worthy of the final. Unfortunately one team had to say goodbye.

S.C.O.F.F Man of the Match: Lot of great performances but Buffon kept Italy in it with a sensational save right at the end. That made the difference in the end.

S.C.O.F.F Moron of the Match: The German team behaved admirably during and after the game but some of the German fans came out screaming that the Italians didn’t deserve to win and that they’d root against them in the finals. Real class guys.

Semi-Final 2: France 1 v Portugal 0

We knew this would be the final game for one of the two original Galacticos. Unfortunately the game descended into a series of fouls and dives all over the pitch. Another game has been decided on a controversial penalty and another losing team complains that they were not given a PK. I guess its time for everyone to grow up and realize its part of the game. If the referee does his best at separating the dives from the fouls that’s more than we can ask for. France looked tired after the exploits against Brazil. With Zizou nowhere close to his best and Henry just up there for nuisance value the French had to depend on Gallas, Thuram and Makalele to clean u any possible mess which they did admirably. The Portuguese ought to learn that if they keep falling to the ground even if an opponent just breathes on them their bound to lose decisions n the long run. France will surely pull up their socks and we hope for a cracker of a finale.

S.C.O.F.F Man of the Match: Liliam Thuram. He’s one of the greatest defenders of his time. A real rock at the back today.

S.C.O.F.F Moron of the Match: Pauleta. If Portugal had a classy striker this game was theirs.

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