Friday, July 14, 2006

Poem Of The Week # 4


I'm waiting for you
to go Insane.
No excuses, no reasons,
No cold Rain
Leave aside hunger
Leave aside pain
Don't look at me in wonder
Come , join in the game
Go Insane.

In my world there are no boundaries
In my world I am King
All my battles end in victories
In my world I own everything
The lights I see are blinding
Constant ringing in my brain
Take a peak, put your head outside
The window on a crazy train
Go Insane.

Lose control of your senses
Wonder, "What is the time?"
The time is now to leave behind
whatever you didn't find.
Do what you want to do
see what you want to see
and Listen to NOBODY.

Don't fight what's coming over you
Enjoy the untamed
All else will have to wait for you
Or fuck themselves
You're not to blame

See your mind fly away
Feel a burning flame
Of the rules we'll make a mockery
Lets all , go insane

I'm waiting for you to join me
I'm waiting for you
To go insane


Anonymous said...

amazin one,,i cant believe dal can write so well....

Lizard King said...

hope u start soon