Friday, July 28, 2006

Poem Of The Week # 5

Listening to a Shimmering Dream

As night spreads her starry blanket on me
I shut my shifty eyes to see
A sparkling river under glistening skies
Among magic marshmallow trees and golden ryes
Amidst the fluttering of wings she sensuously sings
The little girl with the sun in her eyes

She had crimson cheeks and gold in her hair
And a sparkling jar of honey she said I could share
And I lay with others to listen to her songs
With deer and antelopes with squiggly horns
With Captain Milky and the gingerbread man
And the Chinese guy with a quaint hand fan

I felt then I wanted to run
And tell the story to the orange sun
Faster and higher said the droplets in my veins
So quick I drowned out the bells in my brains
Well a smiling cloud then said to me
You run away from what you wished would be

So I open my eyes to find a glowing night
High on a cliff over the Arab sea
With a multitude moving to a torrent of sound
And the lights…
Lights were supposed to brighten my ground
And lead me home by getting rid of the dark
But all they do is call me to stay
And confuse me on this circular path

What I need to do is now in sight
I will not lose if I do not fight
I needn’t search, they’ll find me
And loosen these luminous knots
Ill just follow till I can find
The paradise I left behind
And tell the bustling ride to stop
Near the girl
The girl who tasted like a raindrop.


Anonymous said...

absolutely visually brilliant...could se it as i read it...faab

Anonymous said...

anonymous is