Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poem Of The Week # 6

To Quorra

Soft skinned girl walk a little slowly
There’s a song I wrote when I was lonely
Sit beside me, not too far
I’ll untie a melody from the strings of my guitar
Listen to me…
Please do not judge
You really don’t have to rush
I’ll pick up the tempo if you’re getting late
You hum along.
We’d be great.
I’ll show you pictures in the bright blue sky
I’ll tell tall tales
Don’t mind if I lie
We’ll stroll along on the pristine sand
And dwell under nature’s succulent hand

You have places to go, I must do my chores
But cannot resist the ocean’s lures
I’d love to stay a little while
With a strong wave’s crest
Exchange a smile
There might be times when I won’t say much
Too many words make sentences seem rushed
But the swaying trees tell many a story
Of people who came and went before me
We’ll sit and watch the children dancing
In our elated minds let their laughter ring

On the ride home there’s swirling color
An orange sky, over turquoise water
A lonely sun would want to have found
Solace among the multitude of clouds
I’ll cling to the vision
I’ll try to listen
Surely that’s good enough for one evening

I won’t search for comfort on rocky ground
In surreal silence I won’t long for sound
I’ll not write down thoughts, if you would listen
I won’t stare at the sun, hoping he’ll see
When he doesn’t have a reason to look at me.

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