Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Because the Lizard told me to….

Let’s go to the moon, honey
Let’s go on a ride
Let’s then make the horses stop and
Walk in the starry sky.

Let me play the fool.
Show you how to fly.
You try to tell me something funny,
I’ll try and make you cry.

Let’s now chain the visionary.
Let’s lock him in a sty.
Let him see there is no way out,
Until he learns to lie.

Let’s listen to the raindrops.
Pitter patter on the window.
I was to be the next big thing
But I missed my own first show.

Let’s dance to the blaring silence.
Let’s get into the groove.
Let’s then play a melody,
And let nobody move.

Let’s go to the moon, sugar
Let’s go for a drive.
Let’s stop to taste the sunshine,
For a little while.

You don’t look so fine now lady
You don’t look so bright.
Climb onto the spinning wheel,
That should soothe your mind.

Let me make you love me.
Let me make you mine.
You can now confide in me.
Then hear me say goodbye.

Let’s all go our separate ways now.
Let’s get off this high.
Listen to what the lizard’s sayingLet’s lay down and die.

Miracle Monger's tribute to the real Lizard King. I can be accused of not uploading a few of his poems. Now I'm making up for it. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Who reads this blog anyways! It's dead most of the time


Lizard King said...

And dal, i've sent this poem to a web competition in your name. Inshallah, if everything turns out the way we want, we can win some cool Jim artwork. But do things go our way?? nah!!!

Anonymous said...


Fat Old Son said...

we won't know that as yet as the results are going to be out after Jim's birth anniversary...

also please identify urself...did u like the poem???