Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Willy Got Married! The week that was!

Yeah! Willy got married…I’m sure that’s news…but anyways we had a teeny weeny bachelors party on Thursday, 1st Feb…it was a great party-cum-reunion if u come to think of it…K-lo, Sannu, Baba (it was at his place- a spare flat that he has), doggy, herman n me...and yeah not forgettin wily's B-I-L were the ones who were there at the start….we were joined by Gokhale, Amar Reddy(ex-MITian, now professor cum designer of a Boeing/Airbus wing...this part is unconfirmed news, knowing undis and their ability to brag), kiss-a-whore (I just love the name that I gave him back in the hostel…I’m sure he loathes me for that…and its Kishore for people who don't know) and a friend of gokhale's called abhishek…then we invited Kela and Funky Naren to join us…Funky got along a good quantity of tukdi's…we also tried calling a host of other people but they conviniently ignored our pleas to join in...ohh…I forgot to mention vivian’s, no, uncle was there too…alright! he actually is her BF but what the hell...they do look like father and daughter when they are together (and this is not my view point it is a generalized notion) and to my delight Gands was to come later on…his flight delayed by 2 - 4 hours...i curse these low budget-freak show airliners that have sprung up thanks to the provisions made by the aviation industry...not the best things to happen even though they are an inexpensive option.
The evening started of well…Vat 69, Teachers and then a Blednder’s pide were being gulped by the was like none of us had seen booze for a long time...another thing was that it was a free-for-all...everybody was trying to make sure they get their fill, get high, sloshed etc before it gets over. In the mean time K-lo(who seems to have given up on booze and ciggies…basically looks like he has given up on life), Sannu & Clement decided to take my sardonic remarks that there were no strippers seriously and they disappeared for about 2 hours only to reappear with 3 hookers in tow…but there was a major fuck up here...they were the ugliest women anyone could lay their eyes on…I mean, if I ever was to fulfill my cross dressing fantasies, i'd look a thousand times better...anyways there they were dancing away while Herman was cheerfully egging them on…so were kiss-a-whore and reddy…even though they’ve had their fill in the states….they cudn keep their eyes off these women…mayb they don’t make them women so good lookin in undi-land…willy shook and grooved with the whores to the tunes of some shitty hindi music (sub standard songs if u ask me…Himesh et al...but then I’m sure no one would want to dance for floyd or doors there…)Baba in all this commotion was more paranoid than psyched….i guess this was because of the fact that it was his house that we were in…after an hour o so we bid good bye to the whores…doggy frantically chasing them away while clicking snaps of them leaving (he wanted some proof to show Vivian…just incase she changed her mind after seeing the photos) oh yeah! I forgot to mention that doggy got pissed at me at the start of the night and was almost in tears…because from all the people assembled there I was only picking on him…blabering shit according to him…but I couldn't help it man…knowing how excited I get seeing him, knowing how much joy I get in fucking his happiness…and after the booze goes down is even harder to keep quiet…but then the pariah showed his true colors after a couple of drinks and returned to his normal self...which was much better 'coz I couldn't see tears in his eyes...sob...I'm getting sensitive with age...sob!! Gands finally arrived with much fan fare and without ado we broke open the last of the Vat 69...which people had hidden from me (& the rest)...finally...yeah finally after many j's and a bladder that was about to burst, around 4 in the morning we said our farewells and I left for home.
I wasn't with these people for the roce and the wedding as I was the best man for my cousins wedding that was held on the same day as willy’s…herman will give u more details incase he does bother writing…anyways from the details that he gave me…the MC (a.k.a King Edward…yeah that’s what he called himself) called the gang of 15 or so present single and lonely guys…Yes! he called my friends single and lonely guys...ahh! what on earth made him call them that??? Actually it was an apt title when you don’t want any of the women there to give our desperate friends a second glance…I thank my stars I wasn't around...anyways…also according to herman…we proved that we are better hooligans than English football fans because they gave Sannu birthday bumps infront of all gathered while chanting Mighty Mighty MIT (For those who came in late: Mighty Mighty MIT is the college chant that was used at every game that MIT played, everytime we got drunk and needed to show our roots and/or everytime we met a KMCite)…man what sorry losers…Loo was the surprise package at the marriage...he came all the way from dubai just for the occasion and was invited to open the champagne…for which baba accompanied...fuck knows why but I too haven't figured out what goes on in that humungous head of his.
The next day(Sunday) was more fun as I went to baba's place to meet gands...i was joined by loo and doggy and was served beer by dom’s ever generous dad…I actually wanted to finish off the left over Vat but who's complaining...I wonder if he is still open to adopting us…anyways while we were there loo spilled the beans and gave us the first hand account of how *ahem* acted like a $&#*^…creating a huge ‘darrar’ between him…his girl of that time..and willy…man that was a gripping story…I immideatly erased it from my memory and started making fun of doggy...who thankfully had no tears in his eyes this! some dogs mature really fast...we ended the evening on a good note…wishin willy a good and happy married life…it was a good start for him…not so good for his wife I'm sure...'coz willy was watchin the Australia-New Zealand match in the morning…I wonder if he even....oh! fuck it...anyways till one of us writes again...

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