Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hmm...something more to add!

Oh shoot! (That's how the IT guy at my office says oh shit! He has substitutes for fuck but that later) I forgot to mention how my bike managed to convert GG to pick up a swanky new ThunderBird. He is not the only one and I'm hoping to convert more people than the missionaries manage out in the jungles of India...Oopsie! But you can read his experience here. Picked her from the dealer on Saturday and I tok her out for a small spin as GG hadn't carried his helmet or his lisence. And yes! we did drink to our hearts content to celebrate the occasion. Elegantly Wasted was wasted and missing in action for some reason that I cannot comprehend. But this is all I wanted to add. Pics will follow as soon as the bike is registered with the transporting authorities.

Cya guys later.

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