Tuesday, September 25, 2007

India nailed it! Gooners are not doing badly either!

Wow! There are ways to watch a match and sitting in a crowded bar with a lot of crazy drunks screaming away is not one of them. Unfortunately GG and I were stuck for most of Pakistan's innings at Harmeet, our regular and local bar with crazy town. Yes I'm talking bout the match that saw India lift the T20 WC. T20 huh! Well I think I'll be killed by own family first, then my friends and then those crazy drunk guys if I say that I'm still in doubt if I should be proud of the fact that India did manage to lift another World Cup after 24 years. So what if it was in a crap but exciting form of the game. Oxymoron! cries out my evil twin. She is just learning grammar but thats beside the point. India did win something and salvage some pride in the cricketing world after years of shouldering the tag of under-achievers.

This form of the game is terribly exciting, gets over extremely fast (3 and half hours I guess) but is harsh on the bowlers. I sympathize with them because I too used to be a slow-medium-fast pace bowler who has got hammered all over the place. I got so hammered, so hammered that the booze after the games had no effect on me. But give me a test match over any other form of the game. I'll savour a test match anyday because a test match is a test match. It's a test of character, adaptibility, fitness and mental strength of a cricketer. Also you can flip channel after channel, sip beer after beer and the score won't change. Gives me a feeling that time has stopped. Guess thats one reason why I love test matched. Alas! the one day format killed the test match and T20 might just kill the one day format.

Anyways I'll be kiddin myself if I state that I didn't enjoy watching India trash (even though it was a close fought contest, I want to use 'trash' as the opponents were our freindly neighbours) Pakistan. When India beat Australia, Dhoni was asked by Ravi Shastri "So India-Pakistan final. How do you feel about this?" If I were MSD, I would have answered "G***d marenge s****n ki!" but we got to be politically correct in this age of political correctness and non violence. We also need to be friendly towards our over friendly neighbour. But alls well that ends well and I sure that's what the entire nation feels at the moment. I was indeed overjoyed and did a little jig in the aisle but quickly backed off to avoid the crazy drunk guy no. 1's hugging spree. Then there were others who asked the sardar who owned the bar to join in their little dance but the sardar shyed away like a newly wed bride. I wonder where his mind was at. Was he worried that GG and I would slip out without paying in all that chaos that was engulfing him? I know not. But good for the team who got a lot richer thanks to the $2 mn dollars donation for winning and congrats to Yuvi for the additional cash for hitting 6 sixes in an over. He was the pick of the players I guess and deserved the man of the tournament for his heroic displays.

Enough of cricket. Let's talk about the beautiful game for some time because and only beacuse there is this team that is sitting pretty on top of the Barclays Premier League. No prizes for guessing, that's the team I support and its good to see that becasue its been a while since this feat was achieved by the mighty Gooners. We as a club had come in for bit of slack by other fans and our own for not investing, for selling of titi among other things and now there is boardroom turmoil to consider too. But its great that the players are not affected and they are playing ferarless, free flowing and the most attractive football on the planet. Hats off to le proffeseur for turning it around and proving his detractors totally and positively wrong. Well if the team keeps this going then who knows will have a lot to cheer this season.


Yeah this blog actively supports the misdoings of one Arsenal FC. We also support FC. Barcelona and AC Milan but they are crap compared to the gooners! Go Reds! Cheers once again. Till we get drunk again or till India lifts another WC. I'm sure my getting drunk will happen earlier!

Love from all at S.C.O.F.F.!

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