Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's the usual

I have no clue why I'm dying to share stuff with people I can't see but I guess I'm just lonely and cold. Lonely because a lot of absentees at work and cold because the security just refuses to reduce the aircon blast that is constantly flowing over my afro.

One of the absentees is Elegantly Stoned. His love affair with my company is over and done with and he left seeking greener pasturs. Sniff! I'm sad. But it's good for him. All my weird dreams of drowning my company & the senior executives in a marshland full of poop have been shattered to a point where I can't dream these kinda dreams ever!

Like one of ES's famous lines that state the fuckin' obvious "It was great while it lasted!". It indeed was. He was accepted straightaway into the funky bunch. And they didn't know what they were in for when he was invite to join us for a trip to Kolad. Oh! I forgot to mention the 'Kolad' trip in the previous posts. It's an adventure camp run by an ex-serviceman who decided enough was enough and set up an adventure camp 140 kms away from Mumbai. So ES and me go absoultely balistic out there. Start drinkin in the car itself at 6 in the morning and finished 2 more bottles by the end of the day. The j's were flowing from 'The AJ factory of Rollin'. The rest is history. Extremely vague but history. We left a lot of people from the gang awe-struck espesially this girl who thought she was in tune with an addicts mind, she thought she can read people like us and predict our very next move but its was all 'ha ha' on her. What fun! The pics from this camp are on display on Get in touch with me to become my contact if anyone wants to see them. I'm called dazed n' confused there. Please! Please be my contact. I'm beggin' you guys.

Alright that's enough. I have just managed to tarnish my self respect again. So I'll get back to being myself. This is a meaningless post but not a meaningless blog. I guess it's time to get the herga girls to spice things up here. "What next?" asks my evil twin that resides somewhere between my conscience and my brains, "Paint it pink? share recipies? baby pics? mother-in-law stories? I can go on" Alright! Alright! My apologies to my fellow members and my evil twin, I shall not do any of that sort. This idea will be erased permanently from my head.

So why am I writing this anyways? Yeah! now I get it. I just wanted to inform our readers that ES has got his tattoo touched up recently and I'll be getting mine finshed on Saturday. I'm putting up the Before and After Pics. More like the Before pics for now. Havn't really got a pic of his 'After'.

ES Before

You guys have already seen mine I'm sure. Once again just a reminder I'll publish more pics later. So, until I get cold or lonely or feel like communicating with the world again. You guys have a good time! See ya!

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