Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amchi Mati....Amchi Manus

Let me begin with a GENTLE REMINDER to Fat Old Son. "Brother, its Elegantly Wasted not Elegantly Stoned......not that I can't be called Elegantly Stoned... but lets be subtle here shall we".

So let me see, the past couple of months have been quite eventfull for the two sole herga survivors here in bombay, possibly the best time we've had ever since we've passed out of Manipal. Two tattoos, a bike, a trip to Kolad, and most importantly sharing the same desk at a workplace. Aaaah....blissful times are so welcome. A month of working in Learning Mate saw us through schedule that went like this.

Officially enter at 10.30 am.........Unofficially at whatever time u feel like.
A smoke break at 10.35 am that can go on for as long at 11.15.
Work for 15 min...or at least pretend to.
Chat with friends ...colleagues or even urself for as long as 30 min.
Another smoke break for 30 min.
Lunch break for 1 hour.
Smoke break again for 15 min.
Chat for 20 min.
Work for 5 min.
Smoke break again 15 min.
Have a meeting for 30 min to discuss when should the next meeting be called to tackle the issue to be dealt with in this meeting.
Have another meeting where the group head tells us how the other departments feel that our group has an attitude issue to which all of us have the same reply........GAAND MARRA!!!
Smoke break again for 20 min.
Discuss important issues like what are we going to do when all the continents join together.
Work 5 min.
Display immense will power when colleage brings up the topic of going to drink.
Reject collegues request to drink again.
Colleague goes home.
We go to drink.

Now can anyone blame us when we say we are TIRED at the end of the day.

It goes without saying that I miss those days, as this is the first time in my life i have ever made good friends this fast. Of course the credit does go to Fat Old Son for the endless briefings given. Nevertheless, he is still there and I dont think i will be forgotten this soon as a part of me still lingers there.

Tattos were quite a welcome change in our mundane lives, which promoted us from the label "Useless" to "Useless but Cool". A hearty thanks to our tattoo artist and very good friend who really did a fabulous job. Now all that needs to be done is someone has to invent backless shirts for us to show it off.

And as the famous saying goes "Alls well that ends well". Those days, im sure are beautifully etched and at times I still feel the taste in my mouth. I really dont know how many people read this blog as we have been on the number 725 for a reallllly long time. If nothing else, the blog seems to be yet another mode of communication for Fat Old Son with boobs and myself to tell each other stories that we already know. Now isn't that fun! So till the next time its Kudos from me.....Over to you Fat Old Son.

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