Wednesday, October 24, 2007


And no…this is not a bad word! It all began on a certain Friday evening when a couple of friends decide to get out and paint the town red rather than visiting our friendly neighborhood bar. Add a friend’s birthday to this and voila we have a reason to celebrate, which otherwise would still be a celebration but with no defined purpose, not that I’m saying we need a purpose, since either ways purpose or no purpose we still end up bottle worshiping, just that it sounds better when you have an reason to say cheers. So like I was saying, it all started with everyone heading to a friends house to warm up for the party ahead. A few drinks down and causal chat turned into rapid banter and as the number of attendees rose, led to hysterics. Random posing for photos with vague while urging the ladies to groom themselves faster kept the boys busy. The night’s destination was Rock Bottom, a suburban discotheque, also instinctively christened Bock Rottom by a certain enthusiastic Parsi friend of ours. Personally, I prefer the latter with extra emphasis on the double t’s. Once there, it took us a while to get grooving. Fat old son once again took initiative in the field he has the most expertise…..directing people to the bar! A couple of beers down, and our bodies began to sway gracefully to the music, once again lead by Fat old Son, who took to the floor faster than a man to a naked woman. To say a word about the music….hmmmmm….it sucked! Don’t these Dj’s ever listen to the music themselves before subjecting us to it? One look at them on their pedestals doing the not-so-cool hip hop moves makes you want to fling something hard at them. However we didn’t let their lack of talent dampen our spirits and we shook and boogied the night away. As the night turned into a very late night, it brought an end to an enjoyable evening, and a start to the constant stress of being caught by cops for drunken driving, or worse by our moms!

A natural poser, isnt he??

K...not so natural now..!!!

Hmmmm...what was i thinking while posing for this?????

Shiny happy...drunk people..

Fat old son.. wondering why the hell am i subjecting them to this torture..!!!!


Pais said...

hey elegantly wasted wat abt ur kochi trip??? barghav was pretty devastated that u left so early!!!!

Fat Old Son said...

wassup pussy! nice to hear from u man! we have extended the olive branch to the Fat B...asked him to join us in our adventures in mumbai...but he seems pretty content there...his roomies cook him chicken and fan him while he eats and smokes

Anonymous said...

hahaha... wat else that does Fat B wants... i guess if his roomies tie coconut shells to their chest, he wud b in heaven