Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Guess Whos Back!

Shady's back! First of all I would like to welcome myself back to writing posts here. Like MM says, our bog is totally self obsessed and that we are the same too. Hell ya dude! Anyways the reason that I'm writing once more and again is because I joined my old company again and this is my first day here and I have loads of time on my hands as my comp hasn't been set up as yet and won't be until tomorrow. What better to do than to bore anonymous readers on what's happening in my life. It was quite strange getting back especially since I did everything right. Right from departing amicably to coming crawling back (for a better and new improved salary, of course!). I said it was strange because I was expecting a rapturous welcome and garlands and shit. And once again MM's words ring in my ear, "You are self obsessed dude!" MM has been the voice of reason behind my thundering madness. For more on what he thinks about me read his testimonail on my orkut page. It's good, I can promise you that. But there was no welcome man! I mean I'm like the best thing to happen to the world. The ultimate worker, friend, colleague, etc. I'm getting carried away here. Coming back to the reason why there was no welcome: The people back in the aisle have got pittances as hikes. The reasons given to them are plenty. Plenty bullshit! if you would ask me. But no one does and this is the platform where I vent out my fury. So, in a country that has seen inflation rise to more than 11% and fuel getting more and more unaffordable, which again has an exponential effect on other commodities, is a hike of 4% in the CTC justifiable? Yes! & Hell no! The positive reply is from the dreaded management which has its reasons: Poor work, not up to the mark, we gave you a hike last year that you didn't deserve, we just don't like your face, etc. Excuses, however well planned and executed, do nothing but infuriate their opposite number. The 'hell no' was everyone elses cry. Ask the mortals who plan their finances well in advance and do not envisage such partly sums to be given out. Again, is it justifiable?

So why am I raving and ranting and so pissed off? Because now my friends are planning on looking out for better opportunities and rightly so. No one is once again thining about me and why should they? Their world does not revolve around me and neither does mine (revolve around them). I came back for reasons of my own which can not be disclosed to the folks on the net. The other thing is that the IT tracks each and every word that we type out here so all I want to say is that I'm happy to be back but will be sad to see the backs of the people I really like working with. People who have put the company before their own well being. Oh! How I hate such people but this lot that slogs their ass so that others can enjoy their retirement in a villa by the sea in any goddamn counrty they want is extremely lovable.

Seriously speaking I wasn't expecting a welcome and I am extremely apprehensive about the next few weeks, the time when I will actually be required to work. But what to do? I'm back. Back to where the swipe card feels like a chain with the ball strung around the neck instead of the leg, back to having that heavy feeling early in the mornings. Back to the grind, back to being a corporate bitch and slave. All this for every fault of mine.

PS: A good friend, Cynnocent has provided a stunning and beautiful insight on the working of the corporate world on her latest blog It's a good read, so go ahead. Happy Clicking!



Anonymous said...

good to see ya bloggin again other than showerin abuses on me!! ;P
btw when did ya quit ya job?? u never mentioned it here... :o

Fat Old Son said... not too sure if i mentioned it but thats ok...dont want to dwell into that much...i left to concentrate on making my show reel and other stuff in life...

Fat Old Son said...

and with regards to abusing u...need to know who u are...this anonymous thing is distressing...

Anonymous said...

hahaha... lets just call me the only other guy who reads ur blog :D