Monday, July 21, 2008

The Latest in EWs life

*The Latest EWism*

The question here is does this happen to you? I sincerely hope not. Because if it does, don't bother to share it as you would have fallen to the lowest level in my eyes. Well, EW usually manages to pick himself up and that's why I adore the man that he is. Completely oblivious.

Anyone who has known EW for more than an hour will know his tendency to willingly place his foot firmly in his mouth. Here is the latest FITM moment brought to you in association with....Ahem! Just get on with it.

EW and his girl were having a cozy and romantic evening all by themselves at home. EW decides to flatter and further woo his future life partner by saying something stunningly in the moment. So he swaggers towards the photo of a latest upcoming heroine, picks it up and proclaims, "You are not half as good looking as her!"

No need to laugh if you don't want to, just pity the fool and take your hand off your mouth. If you ask me I wasn't as shocked as i should have been because I have known him for more than a decade now. There are many more, limitless and infinite chatter that the boy has come up with. If I start noting all of it down, I'm worried I might hog all of cyberspace.

In other news, I lost my dad to cancer last sunday - the 13th of July 2008. He was a good man and didn't deserve to die. *Disclaimer: Cliches to follow* Don't ask me how he died but ask me how he lived. But seriously, the attendence at the funeral and the condolence notes and messages that followed were overwhelming and vindicated the fact that the man had touched many lives. I was supposed to write a full fledged eulogy but I didn't have the time last week and now I am back to work. And I can proudly say that My Father is now in heaven. May his soul rest in peace.

Take care guys! Until another death or a murder of words by EW. Ciao.


Anonymous said...

jeez AJ thanks!remind me to share all of my life with you the next time!!!! so if i forget some of it i can always refer back to SCOFFFFFFFFFF!@# off!lol!hugs

Fat Old Son said...

ha ha...that wasn't the intention at all...found too hilarious to exclude...our subscribers...however miniscule expect that we jot down whateva happens in our life...