Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Quitter’s Diary: Week Two/Three/Four :)

A fact before I let you guys in on my second week of a smoke free life.
  • With this post, we equal the amount of posts we wrote the WHOLE of last year. Smoking at least had a positive effect on the blog. That’s right we wrote seven posts last year and I’m surprised that we managed even those seven. And I should stop saying we. It was I who wrote those seven so whatever applause there is should go in my direction.

Alright now I’ll get to the topic I want to gloat about and the one you want to hear about. The bullet points below list the positive after effects of quitting smoking. Against each point are my comments or what I experienced with regards to those comments in a colour that should not hurt your eye.

After 20 minutes:

  • Blood pressure levels and pulse rate becomes normal. I really can’t say about this.

  • Body temperature of hands and feet increases to normal. I think this is true. I feel a little weird in these places.

After 8 hours:

  • Carbon monoxide in your body drops. I really can’t say about this.

  • Oxygen level in your blood increases to normal. Nor can I say anything about this point.

After 2 days:

  • Sense of smell and taste will improve. You will enjoy your food more. This is true. And being the foodie that I am, I have begun hating the food that I used to earlier love eating. For example, sea shells made in any form were the only sea food dish I could/would eat, but after quitting smoking, they have become unbearable. There is a tinge of fish smell to them. And yes I can smell better. EW won’t get away saying that his farts don’t smell.

  • Your risk of heart attack begins to decrease. I really wish this is true.

After 3 – 4 days:

  • Bronchial tubes relax and your lung capacity will have increased, making breathing easier. I can’t comment on this one. But I do have a suspicion that it is true.

After 2 weeks:

  • Blood flow improves; nicotine has passed from your body. Well, I can write a long letter to the cunts who predicted this about this being so fuckin’ untrue.

Within 2 weeks to 3 months:

  • Circulation will improve, making walking and running easier; lung functioning increases up to 30%. I played football last week and didn’t go this week because no one was going to play. So I really don’t know. I do not get that fatigued though at the end of the day. So it is a big plus.

Now for some of the negative effects. Some of which are associated with the first few days of quitting but these have stuck around for two weeks now and has got me a little worried.

  • I'm cranky (still)
  • I get irritated for the smallest of reasons (still). I get pissed at Emily and make a face that she now calls my hate-face. I'm not sure if it resembles malice or even hate it is just plain irritation. But you can't explain that to a woman. It's towards the end of the fourth week that I have uploaded this post and the fights have increased exponentially. They are extremely stupid and my theory is that my subconscious mind wants to smoke one and will try and hurt my near and dear ones so bad that I reach out for that smoke. Not succeeded thus far and I hope it never will. But its getting increasingly difficult on both of us. I hope she hangs in there.
  • I have recurring dreams that I have started smoking again. In those dreams I keep promising myself that I'll quit tomorrow.
  • My sleep patterns are disrupted. Totally fucked up. It was that bad when I had just quit. Those days I was sleeping like a baby. Now, I count my self lucky if I have dreamless and peaceful sleep.

At the end of this week, it will be a month since that night I smoked last my last cigarette. It feels nice and most of the people are proud of me and have have started telling my story to their friends for inspiration. I quit after 12 years of non stop chain smoking. I'm sure there are others who can quit too. Week three (in fact week four/a month) is over and I haven't smoked. I just wish I could update you guys on a regular basis.

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