Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Quitter’s Diary: Week One – Actually Day 10

Sorry people for not keeping my promise of writing at the end of week one. Typical I hear some one say. And I agree. Anyone say nothing beyond that because I don’t want to get pissed of. Emily calls me the Hulk because of my anger and tantrums. I’m sure they are getting too much for her to bear. It iday 10 of being smoke free today and here is today’s tweet:

Day 10 of my #quitsomking resolve. Extremely irritated. Co workers are advised to saty away. I may kill you for no reason at all.

The urge somehow is at its peak today. It compares to the ones I had on the first three days – really strong.

The first week, excluding the first three days, was smooth sailing. I drank, without smoking. I went and played football, didn’t smoke before, during, or after the game. I have been drinking water much more than before. I can taste and smell better. I feel a little healthier. But I do miss not having a smoke. It is getting more and more difficult to resist the urge. It maybe a trick my brain is playing with me. But I know that I have to fight it, come what may!

The urge today, on day 10 is surprisingly strong. Extremely strong! It’s taking a lot out of me to resist and I’m irritated as hell. Like my tweet said, I feel like killing everyone around me and I’m just pissed at anything that talks or moves. There are a couple of people that I met thanks to twitter that say that it is a passing phase and I’ll be alright in a week or two. They went through the same it seems. I hope they are right or I may want to hunt them down and kill them too. Just kiddin! Or am I?

Anyway, I need to buzz off right now. I’ll meet you guys next Monday or before that if any thing comes up. Maybe I’ll follow this post with our time in Goa. I won’t promise that because of my inability to keep it but you never know. Take care and have a #smokefree life.

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