Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barren Grasslands

Ever since MM has let EW and me in on the Houdini's codes, I managed to disappear from this site for two months while EW has disappeared totally. Word has it that even though MM is down, he refuses to contribute towards this blog and EW doesn't have the time to whine like me. He has grown more positive over these years and equally bald. Man, you guys need to see him now. Hilarious!

A lot has happened since our last post. No, I have not picked up the cancer stick and the quit smoking campaign is going strong. Karma came to bite me like only a psychotic ex would or like any of the bong women in offices around the country would. Luckily, I have no psychotic ex's but I did have a crazy bong chick in my office who was baying for my position, work and blood, in no typical order. Whatever she liked she bayed for.

Anyway the night that I celebrated two months of not smoking by not smoking or drinking, I met with a horrendous accident, one that could be wished for only by an evil mind. The fuck up is that there are two evil minds that spring to mind. Wow, if this were an animation, imagine two evil looking minds coming at the screen. Even better, if this was a 3-D animation. Wow! Please brace yourselves, because I digress. Anyway let's keep the evil minds aside and talk about the accident. The rickshaw that I was travelling in was rammed from behind with such force that it toppled on its head thrice (As recounted by bystanders - I'm not exaggerating) and then landed on the right hand side with my right wrist under the side bars. I was dragged in this position for a good two feet - the total length from being hit to getting up would have been around 30 - 40 yards. While the vehicle was toppling and turtling, I practiced the ol' Manipal Survival techniques and saved my head. Else, I may not have been alive or possibly too retarded to tell this story (as may have been wanted by either of the two evil minds - I need someone to blame people - Management Technique No. 36)

So who are these evil minds that I keep blabbering about? Why have I named this post Barren Grasslands? Where is Osama? What the fuck are my printing classmates up to? The answer to the first question will be answered in the next post; the rest are best left unanswered.

Oh, and did you guys want to see pics of me in a cast? bloated up and in an imported cast? Buzz-Off.

Till the next post, try to give up drinking, if you haven't given up smoking, try that too. Caio!


Pais said...

u sure d accident didnt affect u mentally??? GIVE UP DRINKING!!! :P
glad to hear both u and the blog are alive ;)

Fat Old Son said...

Im advising others to give up drinking :) I just got back from a wedding in Sasthan. There were drinks afternoon through evening.

Pais said...

dude man to man... i dunt know abt all the secrecy part, but mia or lia or the WHOLE quiting thingie (i feel i am aware of it)... my best wishes man, i feel so happy :)) wish i cud be there man... :)

Fat Old Son said...

Please explain yourself Mr. Pais. :)

Pais said...

fuck when did i write this??? o_O