Thursday, June 03, 2010

She stole my virginity and my life

I lost my virginity to this beautiful lady called *dumb charades - sounds like* EarningHate. Like all relationships, it was beautiful at first. I was in heaven, at the start. A gaze with eyes so pretty that I was infatuated. She took me in when the world did not know my potential and made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. Once I got to know her, she let me do whatever I wanted. She let me come and go as I pleased, granted me access to whatever I wanted to see. Hell, she even let me court other ladies, but parting with her was something I couldn't bear. I just came running back. We broke up for a period of four months but realised that we could not live without each other. I realised that it was her or no one else. We had found solace in each others arms.

But as all relationships go, everything had its price. Things changed, and our second break-up was bitter, extremely bitter. She said she still loved me, wanted me. She wanted me so bad to stay, that she was willing to do whatever I wanted. But I didn't budge. I wanted out. You know why?

Its because she grew a huge dick. She would shove that thing up my backside, till I begged for mercy. I had to wait late, she would not spare me any social life. She would just rape me inside out. Life became a living hell when she started seeing other people and offered them a lot more than she ever gave me. She said that its how others operate too and I should just suck it up and deal with it. It hurt, but she said this with a smile. She said that she wanted me to stay and she will make it worthwhile. She said she loved me but she refused to take that dick off my behind. Its where it belonged she said and thats one thing she wouldn't compromise. So I left her behind, her and that huge thing between her thighs.

I still wake up in the middle of the night shuddering, trying to grasp reality after that terrible nightmare. My friends can vouch that I have been scarred for life. I just won't stop talking about her even though I have found someone else. Someone a lot better and less demanding. Last I heard that she was seeing some other boy toy, promising him the sky. I wonder how long till he realises, a vigorous hump in his behind. I wish both of them luck. They need it.


Ant!kLim@x said...

LoL :P I was gonna use EarningHate in my blogpost! Damn, we think alike!!! For a moment I thought it was a person you were talking about... Yikes! Can't believe how badly you have been scarred for life! :P

I wasn't doing a QA, but you missed 'hell' in this line of your post - "Life became [a] living [hell] when she started seeing other people and offered them a lot more than she ever gave me." LoL :P Sorry!

Fat Old Son said...

Ha Ha. Thanks for checking the error. Ill change that ASAP. EarningHate is not copyright so feel free. Send us the post when you finish. :)


Let me be.. said...

Hahaha, I know the lady in question! Nice way of putting it... :)