Friday, July 07, 2006

Poem of the Week # 3

Beautiful Mother, Tormented Child

Does mindless noise emit from pure melody?
Can beautiful love cause wretched agony?
What would a strong burly oak spread below?
Soothing Shade,
Or desperate darkness.
Does bitter fruit spring from a plant looked after?

Then how am I yours?

Beautiful Mother, Tormented Child

To your lustrous hope I bring dark despair,
To undying faith I give unerring deceit,
To sweet mutterings, growling refusal.

Am I still yours?

Beautiful Mother, Tormented Child

The road you pave has many pretty turns,
I cannot wait even if your heart burns
Starry lights and a velvet sky
Your roads are rough
I can’t walk, I’ll fly.
My spotless moon, my house of ivory
I’ll keep you in a distant memory.

Beautiful Mother, Tormented Child

Can I come back and tell you my fears?
My own thoughts bring me tears
My spotless moon is black throughout
Every move is filled with doubt
A sultry sun burns my wing
I can’t fly,
I’m falling…….

Can I still ask you to pick up pieces?
A shattered dream, a selfish Jesus
Will blurred vision spin a fresh destiny?
Would wrinkled hands still sculpt a happy story?

Beautiful Mother, Tormented Child.

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