Thursday, October 26, 2006


I believe I have a personal relationship with God
That’s why I feel like I’m going through hell
It isn’t easy walking the high road
And being reminded of every time I fell

I believe each one of us thinks he’s unique
That’s why we’re all the same
Everyone has a story to tell
We all need someone to blame

I believe we know what we want even before asking for advice
What we listen to is what we already feel
All that’s needed is someone to agree
Just lend a confirmatory seal

I believe we appreciate honesty because we all tell lies
We’re not even true when we’re alone
I’m sure no one even tries
Just one of the effects of having grown

I believe I met her by chance
I know I loved her by choice
But I really don’t know when I stopped
When our conversations became melancholy noise

I believe you really know you’ve had a good life
If you can smile while you’re dying
But by then maybe you don’t have a say
By then you might just compromise

1 comment:

Madhuri Shinde said...

U write all ur poems.

'I believe we appreciate honesty because we all tell lies' true.

We expect honesty though we know that we are not honest:)