Friday, January 15, 2010

The Quitter’s Diary: Day 4

There is nothing much happening on my front. The intensity and frequency of the cravings has drastically reduced and my body has begun to forget that I used to smoke. The only fuck up is that my mind doesn’t want me to forget. I keep being told to reward myself with a smoke because I have gone these many days without a smoke. Thank God that I can think clearly and refuse the demands of my own body.

Tweet for the day was:
suffer internally or eternally? Looks like eternally it is for the time being. Day 4 of the #quitsmoking movement. Oh the craving!

Anyway I have now decided that there isn’t much to share because the craving is reducing and hopefully I can get my brain to stop tempting me. I’ll keep you guys posted on a weekly basis. You will see a consolidated post on Sundays, as that’s when I complete the first week of being smoke free. Thanks to all those who supported me, prayed for me and even to those who made fun. Without you guys, I would have never got the strength to go through this pain. See you guys on Sunday.


LeeB said...

way to go dude... here is a "chal" hug for ya ;)

Roanna said...

Man, you're really doing great with this. We're all really addicted to one thing or another, good or bad. You're really grounded when it comes to implenting this, I know you're scared you might break in between but I'm pretty sure you won't. And I guess, now with the blogging and tweeting, you're sort of sticking to your guns at least for your readers' sakes (I, being one of them)... so we'll keep you going. No sweat, even if you falter, you're only human, aren't you?

Fat Old Son said...

A big hug to you too LeeB. We'll be seeing you soon.

Roanna...thanks for the support, thru the blog and twitter. Hopefuly this time I shed my human will and not falter.

Let me be.. said...

Sure, anytime. See you soon :) May be you can joining the likes of hooggers! Will you like food now? :)